Are You Ready for WordCamp Indonesia 2013?

In just a few days, WordCamp Indonesia 2013 will commence. If you haven’t registered yourself, now is definitely the time to do so!

Here are a few things you need to know/remember before we start:

The venue will be Rasamala Ballroom at Gowongan Inn, Jl. Gowongan Kidul No. 50, a few minutes away from Stasiun Tugu and Malioboro Road.

Please be there to pick-up your pass, say hi to other participants and enjoy a cup of coffee by 13:00 on October 18th. You can check out the rest of the schedule here.

Just a reminder, your WordCamp Indonesia ticket gives you the opportunity to attend all the sessions on the schedule, and includes the meals as listed on the schedule (dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday and Sunday, as well as coffee breaks). Also, you will get a limited edition WordCamp Indonesia 2013 t-shirt. Unfortunately, it will NOT cover accommodation, transportation, and meals outside of the scheduled times.

If you have purchased a WordCamp Indonesia+ ticket, we thank you so much for your support. Watch our twitter as we will start mentioning you one by one soon. Also, we have a contributors page coming up, and your name will be listed there.

If you’d like to start your WordCamp Indonesia 2013 experience a little early, don’t forget to register for Geeks on Train.

The official hashtag for WordCamp Indonesia 2013 will be #wcjog, according to worldwide WordCamp standard, so please use #wcjog on your updates.

If you’re based in Jogjakarta and have experience dealing with events, we need your help as a volunteer for the duration of the event! Please e-mail us at with your CV.

All that being said, looking forward to see you in Jogjakarta!