Breaking News! WPWeek 2013 is now WordCamp Indonesia 2013

It started with a dream: let’s have a WordPress event this year. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to make it an official WordCamp event since we don’t have enough time to follow up with WordCamp Central. So we prepared WPWeek. Registration opened on September 18th, exactly a month before the supposed starting date of the event.

Today, 26 days to the event, we received some exciting news.

Following some intense discussions done in a very short time, especially about WordCamp Guidelines and the WordPress Foundation’s status as a nonprofit entity, we now have an approval from WordCamp Central to make WPWeek an official event.

Yes, WPWeek 2013 is now WordCamp Indonesia 2013.

We echo the belief of Valent Mustamin, who organized all three previous WordCamps in Indonesia, that with the full support of WordPress Foundation, this event will be even bigger, even better. We hope to see as many Indonesian WordPress enthusiasts as possible at WordCamp Indonesia 2013, preferably a lot more than the ones before.

As you can see, our official URL is now, and we’ll start using @wordcampid on twitter. If you registered for WPWeek before, no worries, we have your details and you’re officially going to WordCamp Indonesia 2013. If you haven’t registered, head over to the registration page, right now!

PS: In case you’re wondering what will happen to the name “WPWeek”, you’ll find out at WordCamp Indonesia 2013 in Jogjakarta.

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