Geeks on Train

Want to start your WordCamp experience a little early, challenge your creative brain, or finally start working on that idea you’ve kept in the back of your head? Want to enjoy a slow ride to Jogjakarta, collaborate with a team of WordCamp attendees for fresh new insights, and come up with an amazing business plan?

Register to take part in our Geeks on Train program!

What is “Geeks on Train”?

Geek on Train is a hackathon event where developers, designers, and business planners gather in teams to make a product based on WordPress and build it on the trip to Jogjakarta, a day before WordCamp Indonesia 2013.

The basic idea is to make a collaborative product, starting from scratch, in a short time. The product can be anything, as long as it is WordPress related — and not just a blog.

The product will be presented on public expose session at the 2nd day of WordCamp Indonesia 2013, and a panel of judges will select a winner.

Here’s how:

First option

  • If you haven’t done so, register yourself to attend WordCamp Indonesia 2013.
  • Create a team of max. 4 people — these can already be your friends, or start a conversation with people you might be interested to work with.
  • Register the names by e-mail to, with a copy to
  • Book your train tickets together, leaving from either Jakarta, Surabaya or Bandung on October 17
  • Get on the train and start working on your project!

TIPS: If you’ve already booked your train ticket, comment on this page to find other participants who might be on the same train — and register as a team!